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TangGuh Leather Wallet


TangGuh Wool Scarf



TangGuh chose good leather material, just to let the consumer feel unique distinguished luxury.
Independent research and development a variety of raw materials, to make every piece of leather products to be able to provide consumers with lasting service life and perfect comfort,
The acclaimed Tangguh exquisite production process:
Brand by adopting the combination of machine and handmade way way to make each work, may yield is not high, but each product after repeated grinding and inspection,
To ensure that each product can be accurate and correct.
It is worth mentioning that TangGuh advocated the concept of "green fashion".
By using environmental protection material in the production process and recycling scrap leather, and the use of certified eco-friendly dyes and other measures, to reduce the impact on the environment in the process of production and the harm, to meet the needs of modern consumers, provide support for the sustainable development.

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